Thursday, April 07, 2005

yatch - watercolour

Mucking around with colour and painting the sky at a vertical angle.
This is not an original picture, but copied from an art flyer...

Art Expression

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

watercolour painting of my Art Tools

This weeks theme was a still life of some of my art tools.

Drawing skills are a little off - the pot looks lopsided but the painting still took me half an hour to complete.

Art Expression

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

On the road to Culverden

This was a picture I always wanted to capture - a clump of trees on the dry hills of the Hurinui district NZ.

It was looking rather washed out so I used guash to paint over it in places - done quickly and in frustration, but then I think it works...

Culverden, Hurinui district

Art Expression

Storm Approaching - watercolour

Capturing the stormy skies of Kaikoura NZ, I took artistic licence in painting the 'cliffs'.

Scraping the wet colour with the edge of a credit card gave definition which quite surprised me.

Art Expression

Hoar Frost - watercolour

It always amazes me how some of the fastest painted pictures produce some interesting results.
Again, I used the credit card to scrape paint off the paper - for the house roof - bottom left, the definition of branches in the trees and the ground to the bottom right.
Have tried to recreate this painting on a larger scale, but those attempts have been cut up for bookmarks...

Art Expression


Another fast painting that surprised me...
Running white guash through the wet sea produced an interesting foam to the waves.

Art Expression

Watercolour - whale at Kaikoura

This was done a few years ago from a postcard.

I touched it up last week by darkening the sky at the top.

Limiting the colours I used was a fun experiment.

Art Expression

Monday, March 14, 2005

Colour Study - Daisies in Oil Pastels

I enjoyed doing these because they turned out better than I expected.
The pictures themselves are large - the square measuring 50x50cm and the side panels half that (naturally).
The green and purple remain unfinished...

Art Expression

Bowl of Apples - Watercolour

This I 'cropped' since the rest of the picture didn't work for me - it was a bowl of apples on a chair...
Painting over the apples with a blob of red made them stand out rather than looking washed out.
Putting the brown paint at the base of the fruit and around the bowl rim (to me), gives it grounding.

Art Expression

Glowing Ink - Flowers

This one was a mission.
I found the simple drawing on artpaper I did well over two years ago, so decided to fill in the gaps with colour...
Having been out of practice with 'ink flow' it was all going sour and I had to use a lot of ink to cover up my 'mistakes' - with the result that the background is quite dark.
I like how the flowers seem to glow but don't want to do any more with it in case it totally ruins...
I have a black mat around it on the wall which looks OK...

Art Expression

Flowers Abstract - Acrylic Ink

This painting seems to hover with nothing being grounded but I like it...might do another one and see how it varies...

Art Expression

Ink Flowers 3 colours

Using Red, Yellow, Blue ink - this was the result

Art Expression

Flowers - acrylic ink

Same three colours, this time using black ink with a rigger brush to add bold definition.
I can hear my art teacher at school saying black should be avoided, but here I think it works...

Art Expression

Abstract - acrylic ink painting

This was fun - doodling with other ink colours and water...
At first I didn't like it but it's grown on me.

Art Expression
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