Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Rusty Talent...

limited colours

It's been a good few months since I spent some time with watercolour paints and my first foray into the medium after this results in this pic. Putting it in a frame thankfully detracts from the 'schoolboy' art of the painting...

I used only a few 'basic' colours to keep things simple and it was a fun little experiment.

Art Expression

Monday, May 21, 2007

"Callie's Fluke" - final - framed

CALLIE'S FLUKE - acrylic on watercolour board - 225mm x 305mm - May 2007.

And here it is, the final painting for Callie - 'rescued' as a potential flop and now as a gift to a friend from cyberspace.
Many thin layers of paint have been glazed over to give the sky an almost photographic clarity.
It is one of those paintings best viewed from a distance to impart the full effect.

To view the process of this painting, please scroll down to the next post...

Art Expression
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