Monday, July 31, 2006

Red Eyed Tree Frog - Experiment 4a - Acrylic on streched canvas 100x80cm

A new camera and a few more brush strokes equals this result of my painting. "Red Eyed Tree Frog ".
I'm beginning to wonder if this will ever get finished. I've set my goal to complete it by the first week of August and have it up on TradeMe or E-bay within days after that.
Now I'll get to see just what people really think about paying for and putting a large bright painting on their wall...
All I really have left to do is tidy up the "black" areas and give a bit more attention to the mouth and leaves.

Art Expression

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Guest Painting: - Blue Protea - painted by Valerie

Blue Protea - 46x35cm - Acrylic on board. This was painted by Val, and inspired by a photo from RAYSCAM.
Unfortunately the camera did not pick up the luminosity and intense blue of the actual painting...

Friday, July 14, 2006

Red Eyed Tree Frog - Experiment 4 - Acrylic on streched canvas 100x80cm

Red Eye Tree Frog - Having painted the eyes and given definition to the foliage, this semi final update is the result. I painted the body of the frog and face using a stipple effect. Then I used long flowing brush strokes to give a smoother texture to the leaves. All that remains to do now is to paint in the white highlights and solidify the background 'black' shapes. I'm still in two minds about the 'Bishop's cap' sticking out of the head. This may or may not be removed by the time the final pic is presented.

Our precious digital camera got dropped by me so until it is replaced I have to revert to using my cell phone to take pics - hence the lack of detail in this photo...

Art Expression

Red Eyed Tree Frog - Experiment 3 - Acrylic on streched canvas 100x80cm

Red Eye Tree Frog - painting in the eyes was my next task, and since I was painting in shades of red - and in the mood to continue, I started to put a little more definition on the leaves. I chose red over green because I'm not that good at mixing greens in acrylic yet, and because the underbelly of the frog had to be a reflection of the foliage. This is artistic licence since the real frog has a white underbelly... Standing back and looking at the picture - I'm not too sure about the leaf sticking out of its head like a Bishops cap... Anyone want to add a suggestion?

Art Expression
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