Sunday, August 12, 2007

Guest Artist - Tero Nurminen

This is from Finnish artist Tero Nurminen based in Helsinki.
Click the link to see more incredible works by Tero.

When I first saw this painting I was amazed and said, "Now that is real art...".
Especially since I have a "thing" for frogs.

Here is some info from the artist himself...
size: of the painting is 150cm x 240cm.
medium: acrylic on canvas.
name: sweaty afternoon.

Look also my art from the Finnish artists union home pages: and there is page named: verkkomatrikkeli.
Then search by name: Tero Nurminen.
You can also check Saatchi gallery online, and search by my name.
There are my latest works which are very strong paintings in my opinion.
They are painted by flowing acrylic paint on canvas when painting is laying on the floor. Canvas is cotton duck and its own colour is important element in the finished painting.
best regards

Tero Nurminen

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