Friday, July 06, 2007

Guest Artist - Joan Knoesen (1)

Joan Knoesen - "On the road to Wanaka"

Joan Knoesen - "On the road to Wanaka" - Oil on canvas panel- 8 by 10 inches
Central Otago, south island, New Zealand

This painting is by South African artist Joan Knoesen and was taken from a photo I sent to her a few years ago.
From an early age I remember being captivated by my grandmother's art - her ability to put paint on a canvas and produce an image that evoked emotion and thought is, I'm sure where my love of art grew from.

Whatch this space for more art from Joan Knoesen...

Art Expression


  1. I really like your work. I hope you dont mind if I add a link to this blog on mine.

  2. Thanks 'Heart' for stopping by and commenting - glad you like the stuff here. No worries on the link - I'm honoured.


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