Sunday, August 12, 2007

Guest Artist - Tero Nurminen

This is from Finnish artist Tero Nurminen based in Helsinki.
Click the link to see more incredible works by Tero.

When I first saw this painting I was amazed and said, "Now that is real art...".
Especially since I have a "thing" for frogs.

Here is some info from the artist himself...
size: of the painting is 150cm x 240cm.
medium: acrylic on canvas.
name: sweaty afternoon.

Look also my art from the Finnish artists union home pages: and there is page named: verkkomatrikkeli.
Then search by name: Tero Nurminen.
You can also check Saatchi gallery online, and search by my name.
There are my latest works which are very strong paintings in my opinion.
They are painted by flowing acrylic paint on canvas when painting is laying on the floor. Canvas is cotton duck and its own colour is important element in the finished painting.
best regards

Tero Nurminen


  1. Anonymous12:21 am

    Love your work pete..nice to find a likeminded soul...I love NZ...I hope you don't mind but I saved some of your photos..are they copyright?....I am a member of a new website ..of which came from Country living magazine in the UK...our new site is it are some amazing writers and artist also photographers,one of which is the owner of the site,he works for the BBC inthe uk as a the others on the site are wonderfuly talented people in their own right shuld take a peek at it ....and the blogs connected with the site..
    anyway love your page....will visit back soon....

  2. Anonymous2:40 am

    Just realised the immplications re me ..saving your photos silly of me...sorry to have caused you any alarm..I would not and will not use them for anything other than to look at on my own sorry about that, i should of asked for your permission first ..if you would like me to delete tthem i will understand completly..
    Only just realised myself re copyright.I was enquiring for my own photos...very realise now ... best wishes from scotland

  3. Hi OnceInaBlueMoon - welcome to the blogging phenomenon...
    Thanks for stopping by my site and writing some comments - glad you like my photos. You're welcome to use them for your own use.
    Most people who post photos online operate under a collective creative commons agreement. It basically means a person can use the photos for personal use and not commercial gain. If you use anyone's work online just ask and acknowledge their site when you post your bit...
    So I'm not alarmed - in fact I'm flattered that my pics evoke something in you.
    Take care

  4. Whoa! I LOVE the frog!

  5. Hiyya Heart...
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Gotta love them frog! :-)
    Glad to read you found your snake...

  6. Hi Pete,
    I've been neglecting my blog for sometime now. Kind of focusing in writing articles and stuff like that. Thanks for your kind comments and I love the frog!
    You know, ever since I acknowledge your passion for frog, I do take time to have a closer look to this creature, they are beautiful!
    (There is one become flat on the road by my building ,being crushed by a car. It's .......)

    Keep up the good work and with blessing,
    Felix Chai


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