Friday, November 04, 2011

watercolour and ink

Having a little playful time with watercolour and ink, I decided to copy an acrylic painting by R W Lawrence of Arniston in South Africa...

Arniston whitewashed cottages

I rather like the whitewashed walls and thatch roofs of these iconic cottages


  1. It's a very nice painting-- you should keep going and do more! I like the touches of red.

  2. thanks Judy - watch this space... I have a few cottages drawn up that just need colouring in

  3. Hi Peter, Love your art! Any more new paintings, I will be uploading my new pieces. Nigel

  4. Portrait of your Dad...don't touch it. It looks so fresh and finished, excellent painting.I like the touches of red.

    Portrait Artist

  5. Hi Nige, no new paintings as yet, but lots of drawings/sketches I've made of paintings I want to do. Your new stuff is amazing. Great colours...

    Richard, thanks for the comment. Portrait of Dad stayed as is :-)


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