Monday, July 31, 2006

Red Eyed Tree Frog - Experiment 4a - Acrylic on streched canvas 100x80cm

A new camera and a few more brush strokes equals this result of my painting. "Red Eyed Tree Frog ".
I'm beginning to wonder if this will ever get finished. I've set my goal to complete it by the first week of August and have it up on TradeMe or E-bay within days after that.
Now I'll get to see just what people really think about paying for and putting a large bright painting on their wall...
All I really have left to do is tidy up the "black" areas and give a bit more attention to the mouth and leaves.

Art Expression


  1. Luciana8:37 pm

    Absolutely gorgeous ...

  2. Thanks Luciana - I like it too since it's come out a lot better than I thought. My first BIG painting...


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