Monday, October 16, 2006

Creating a Body of Work and other such stuff

Filling in time on the weekend I looked for sites that might be useful to me in my latest art endeavours.
Came across THIS one which I found useful...
The title is: Develop a painting style and create a body of work for a gallery.
I think finding my painting style is going to be a little difficult without a body of work... The body of work I have at the moment amounts to a hodgepodge of different paintings in different media - watercolours and acrylic with nothing resembling anything like some of the requirements I've read in various articles. Art is meant to be fun and so it shall continue to be for me...
Notwithstanding that, I do realise the importance of sticking to a definite theme.
So the two themes I have decided to concentrate on will be my favourite red eyed tree frogs and Argave plants. By doing heaps of paintings on these alone, I hope to show my 'expertise' here...
Three canvases have already been primed - ready to experiment and have fun.

Art Expression


  1. Peter,
    I say this to myself at the same time I say it to you: Art is and should be fun, liberating, cathartic. What ever it is, it's powerful and it's for you. Art is different for everyone, like love is different for everyone. Let it spring forth from you. Create. Create constantly. Leave your mark daily. Create! Whether you are creating for your eyes only or with the intent to catch the eyes of others...CREATE!!!
    The more I create, the more fun I find in themes.

    I truly enjoy your site.

    Can't wait to see your new work.

  2. Thanks Erik, much appreciated


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