Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Feedback - red eyed tree frog

"Great trade and the painting looked even better than I expected. "

Well, a little bit of self promotion can't be bad... This painting sold on Trade-Me (NZ equivalent of e-Bay) and that was the feedback given.

I'm having "issues" with my current tree frog painting and have now painted over the thing with ochre - ready to start again. Couldn't do that with watercolour...
The green paint I mixed didn't quite turn out as anticipated. It came out all kinda dark and milky (good for waterlily pads) whereas I like vivid and in-yer-face... But that's OK, the slight frustration has been sent to the 'experience folder' and I'm looking forward to the next creative session.

I primed a canvas board in greys and am going to do another pansy painting in the meantime. Looking to improve on the one done a while ago. So keep in touch and see it on this blog next week.

Art Expression - Peter Moulder

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