Monday, February 19, 2007

Red Eyed Tree Frog 5 - Part 1

red eyed tree frog - acrylic - painting process

So begins the fifth tree frog painting that I am doing on 1metre by 80cm canvas.

Having painted horizontal versions so far I thought it time to go "long-ways" but hadn't yet found a picture that I like.
After drawing the frog on a white canvas I first used white fabric paint to outline the highlights.
This pic doesnt show it, but because the fabric paint is thick - it 'stands out' on the canvas. (I've found that if I'm aware of light and shadow from the start - and keep that in mind throughout the painting process then it is a lot easier [for me] to keep the painting grounded.)
Then I decided to add tonal features (using dilutions of violet) to see how it would turn out - and this is the result so far...
A good reference for shadow...

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