Saturday, September 15, 2007

On the road to Havelock - South Island, NZ - Acrylic

My latest venture in acrylic landscape from one of my photos.
I thought it would turn into an interesting project - using three canvas panels. This was a decision based on necessity...

1) I didn't have one of those long skinny canvas blocks -
2) the thought of trying to transport it (if I did have one) was not something that appealed to me
3) I DID have one of those cheap 3-packs so decided to use it creatively for one project

Will be back to write details but enjoy the photos in the meantime...

Sketching with violet always works for me.

Looking more like the Antarctic...

Here I used a watery dilution of Blue Lake to "prime' the white background.
There is still some left - I have it in the fridge in a plastic yoghurt container with a cling wrap film for a lid. No kids in our house so no fear of it being drunk by mistake...

Painting some of the fields and hills with lemon yellow, yellow ochre and cool yellow. I did these in thin layers of yellows so the optical mixing of the blue underneath made green...

Then a bit of burnt umber to define the leafless trees and bushes...

Using a few more layers of blue lake to define the sky - I chose to keep the clouds out of the scene, but think they might have to be added at some stage - too BLUE...
More definition to the hills using ready mixed greens with some ochre and white to highlight the ridges.

Now I'm beginning to think this is turning into a "dull" painting, but learning as I go.
My last trip past this spot gave me another opportunity to view the hills at a different time of day, so I'll be able to 'draw' on that when I get to the next step...


  1. I like seeing the progression of a painting, it's almost like a work of art in itself.
    I like the agave paintings covering over onto the sides of the canvas, almost becoming sculptures and the nice looseness in the bowl of apples.

  2. Congratulations for your paintings.
    I like very much. I'am a painting on silk. Please see my blogs:
    Best wichies for you

  3. Hi Mark
    Thanks so much for stopping by and more so for taking the time to comment - it is very much appreciated. I like your art and photography... the wildlife pics from the zoo were my favourite.

  4. Hello Judite
    Thank you for your visit and comment. I love your silk paintings.
    Very vibrant and alive.
    Keep up the great work.

  5. I really really like the violet sketch most of all. It leaves me in a situation where my inner has to fill it out. Thanks for sharing!

  6. You're welcome Anna-Lys - thanks for stopping by to comment. I have a whole lot more pictures in my head and from photos that I would like to start - all in violet...
    Take care

  7. This is really cool to see. I like the gradual pictures as well. Right now I'm learning water
    cheers! Katie

  8. Hi Katie, thanks for your 'footprint'. How are the watercolours going?

  9. Nice job Peter--I like the painting at every stage, and like seeing it evolve too. You choice of the long format suits the subject perfectly!

  10. Thanks for your comment Laura - much appreciated. I'm going to have to update the latest version of this painting soon. It's been a Lo____ng journey. Thanks for the info on the virtual sketch date - I'm going to give Sept a go...

  11. Nice to see your progression...I'll check back to see more. I especially like how you begin sketching in violet--thanks for showing us!

  12. Hi Judy
    Thanks for the visit and taking time to comment. Glad you enjoyed the violet sketch...
    Now if I could just increase my output to match yours, I'll be a happy man...
    take care


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