Friday, December 22, 2006

Red Eyed Tree Frog 3 - Part 2

Red Eyed Tree Frog  - acrylic painting process

This tree frog IS proving to be a little challenge.
I've found I have to be very careful with my observations.
In this 'episode' of my painting's development I painted a few layers of light green in a water colour-type wash.
Whilst that was still wet, I brushed some viridian hue where the shadow was intended to be...
I then used blue lake to define the black bits and went to give more green into the leaf by using a mix of phthalo blue and medium yellow.
Having put a little too much blue on the tray, I used it up by layering the previous black bits and shadows. Standing back and looking at the overall pic I decided to bring some more yellow ochre to the background - using a flick or few of leftover green into the mix as well.
After that, I used a thicker wash of medium yellow to define the thick veins of the leaf.
And that's where we are up to... The red eyes of the tree frog are very tempting but I'm saving that for another time.
If I'm not back before the new year - have a great festive season...

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