Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Red Eyed Tree Frog 3 - Part 3

Red Eyed Tree Frog  - acrylic painting process

I haven't even started on the body of this tree frog yet - nevermind the red eyes...

Enjoying the painting process but not this particular painting.
It's a really big size - 1metre by 80cm to make a mess of and not easily gotten rid of (if it were a watercolour I could chop it up for bookmarks...)

I'm still thinking this tree frog looks like a cartoon rather than a painting.
Hopefully by the time I get to paint the frog's body - it will resemble a more 'realistic' look. I've spent hours on this one so far and really trying to get the leaves right.
Payne's gray was applied in various dilutions to get the shadows 'right' and define the huge leaf. I'm starting to wish I'd painted a banana leaf instead.
The face shadows were dry brushed with Payne's gray as well.

The background got another brushing of green paint and a thin layer of yellow paint to cover the ochre which I thought was looking too dull.

Any helpful suggestions anyone?

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