Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Volcano and paint

this an image I took from our recent holiday to 'volcano country' in the middle of New Zealand's north island. I think I will enjoy painting it.

Or, anyone want to paint it and send me a pic to appear in the GUEST ARTIST slot...?


  1. Excuse but I do not speak/write English very well!
    Thank you for the comment that you left in my blog http://viagemastomeprincipe.blogspot.com/
    I "travelled" through your tree blogs and I liked very much of this one.
    I lived in the antipodes (Portugal), now it is 9 hours of the morning and it is night in your country! Good dreams!

  2. Hi adro

    Thanks for popping over to see my blogs. Your comment is much appreciated.

    I loved visiting all of your blogs. Full of wonderful photos and interesting info, now that I have the easy translate button...

    take care


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