Friday, February 08, 2008

Artistic Urge - Creative Surge - Drought

Anybody ever been here?

The ideas flow and the hand puts brush to paper on a seemingly constant output of art.


As suddenly as it starts, the creative energy seems to dry up and nothing happens except good intentions.

I walked past my office the other day and saw my brushes all forlornly standing to attention in the jar that holds them. Paint tubes and the new palette I bought still sit next to them.



  1. pick a subject and just paint.. or just start painting.. no boundaries , no ideas... just flow with the colours and paint outside of your normal sphere! :) cheers!

  2. You capture the syndrome in the title of this post! Yes, I've been there; am there ... After an early-spring burst, I've been idle or, if painting, disappointed. The only solution: keep painting, force yourself. The compulsion will hopefully morph into momentum, and you'll be back to surging!

  3. Anonymous1:37 pm

    Mr Moulder,
    My name is Elise Barberis and I live in Portland, OR (USA). I really love your art, could I do a report on you for school?

  4. Hi Katie
    Thank you for your comment. I like your idea of painting outside the normal sphere. My paints are out and I'm ready to start again.
    Thanks so much again...

  5. Thanks Laura for your comments.
    It must be one of the "irks" to being an artist. With my gear ready to go, I'm starting to compel my expression...
    take care

  6. Hello Elise
    Thank you very much for your comment. I would be honoured to have you do a report on me for school.
    If you have any more questions, I'd be happy to answer them.

  7. Hello Peter,
    Thank you very very much for your comment in my blog. I'm glad you like my work. Thanks again, and
    Regards and best wishies for you from Portugal!

  8. Hi Judite
    Thanks so much for your comment - you're welcome for mine.
    I'll definitely be back to see the latest works you have.
    Take care

  9. Hi Peter,
    I'm a working artist and agree with Katie. Just sit down and start. Sometimes the best works come without pre-laid planning.
    Just do it.

  10. Hi Vikki

    Thanks so much for your comment. Glad you found me in cyberspace.

    What a wonderful visit to your blog, with all the interesting tidbits. I loved the post on perspective the best. Thanks for sharing it all.

    Just do it... thanks, just did a few so will be back after my trip to show the latest.

  11. Play Peter, just pick up the brush and play with your paint -- usually works for me.

  12. Hi Peter,
    a while back I was browsing through photos of frogs and I came across your blog. I bookmarked it and forgot all about it but since I now have an art blog myself I thought I'd say hi. I love your frog pieces. :)

    Ali/a strange boi

  13. Hi Peter,
    I have a few surefire methods for procrastination. Meant to be funny, but they actually work...

  14. Peter,
    I'm new to the world of painting. I noticed when I started I couldn't get the paint on the canvas fast enough but then the motivations seemed to dry up. I was afraid that maybe painting was just a short term idea that I would never really pursue. Then one day I found your blog and now I am newly inspired. Maybe that could work for you. Go to a museum or search the internet for artists you respect and maybe it'll come to you.

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